Three Great Ways to Transform Your Body

Three Great Ways to Transform Your Body

You can’t transform overnight so don’t beat yourself up for having some ice cream or skipping an aerobics’ class.

Trying to get in shape and getting healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or a big burden.

Leave all your negative thoughts about your body behind and here are some workouts with simple tips for transforming your body:

45 min Walk per/day – You don’t have to go to extremes to get your body into shape or bust out the workout video every hour on the hour, but you can increase your physical activity by stepping up your game… literally. Not only does walking have tremendous health benefits, but it can also help to trim your waist line, it has a low-impact on your joints, it can help you manage your weight and it can help you improve your mood.

Weight Train – Tone your muscles, burn extra calories and increase your strength with a regular weight training routine. Not only will you transform your body but you’ll also reap the benefit of protecting your bones as you build muscle mass. Incorporate weight training into your normal exercise routine at least two to three times per week for a noticeable change you’ll begin to see as you shape up.

Sleep More – Research has proven that getting adequate sleep helps with memory, learning and restoration. When you’re operating on fumes day after day it’s difficult to be 100 percent effective and coherent. Plan for sleep even when your schedule is tight and sneak in power naps (20 to 30 minutes) to help you rejuvenate during the day, especially if you were burning the midnight oil the day before.

Try doing all three and see a difference for sure.

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