Twin Flames a Poem by……Steffy

I wonder if he thinks of me in his quietest of moments, 
I wonder if I cross his mind in his innocent thoughts. 
I wonder if I he knows that when I awake every morning, I say his name in my quietest of moments and most innocent of thoughts. 
Reality is a strange and true thing but a truth that must not he ignored,

he is forbidden but I wonder are my thoughts just as forbidden or am I allowed one sweet moment to remember how you smell when I brushed up against you today, 
am I allowed to savor your brief glance across the room or reminisce about your quick touch on the small of my back. 
Should I turn away my thoughts of having you witness, just once, inside the sweetest and warmest part of my soul? 
I wonder will that be enough or will I crave more of wanting you to hold me like you never want to let go,

Ive already go it bad I see and the pursuit makes it turn around over and over in the depths of my psyche. 
The fire that has started like  unstoppable twin flames that are destined to ignite. Are they too hot, are the flamable from the start?
You said that it was your job to make my inner desires and truths erupt over and over and over again,

the thought of that sensation plays like truth or dare game that trembles up and down my spine but
You are not mine
Okay, Im back to earth’s reality,
I’m fine!

Written by: Steffy


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