An Unforgettable Evening with Syleena Johnson at Bethesda Blues & Jazz

Photography and Article by Mike Ware, M&M Photography

Saturday night February the 11th …. There was a since of something in the air that night, a for good reason. The lovely and talented Syleena Johnson was in town performing at the fabulous Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club to a packed house. From the very moment, her band walked out on stage and the drummer clicked his drum sticks together as the signal, and the band hit those first few notes the patrons, knew they were in store for not just a show, but for a musical adventure that they have never seen before.

Syleena walked out on stage in her gold dress, and with fire in her eyes, and angels in her voice and it was all over with from there. She played to the crowd, and played with the crowd. She performed her own hits and Ballard’s and sang other hits from various artist. She hit Diamonds and Pearls by Prince and tore it up. Everyone who was out in the audience this night truly not just got what they paid for, but some probably felt bad that they didn’t pay more for the show and performance they received that night.

The establishment was filled with other great artist in their own right that came out to see this lovely soul perform. Kenny Lattimore was in the building and came backstage after the show to pay homage and show her love for the show she just gave. If you were not a part of this, then you truly missed a fabulous evening.  Keep an eye out for Ms. Johnson cause I know she is not finished yet, and has a lot more tricks up her sleeve to keep her fans happy.

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