Unity Breakfast 2018 for Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland, Saturday Morning

by Maryland Black Caucus Foundation


Unity Breakfast 2018 Installation of newly elected Leadership of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland. There will also be discussion of the “State of Maryland Black Agenda 2030”.

For Sponsorship or further information contact: 410-929-0515 or emailmdblkfoundation.com 


The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland was created in 1970 as the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus, and adopted its present name in 2002.  By drafting and sponsoring legislation to address constituent needs and by examining all bills that affect the black populace, the Caucus acts as a legislative body on behalf of the black community. 

The Caucus also presents a black perspective to the Legislature and advocates public policies that promote black progress. In addition, the Caucus serves as a research study group to generate pertinent data in support of appropriate public policies.

Additionally, The Maryland Black Caucus Foundation is a nonprofit and education foundation. Our mission is to empower African Americans through education, economic and social responsibility.