Women are Amazing

Being raised by a single mother who works sometimes not just one job, but often three jobs, to provide for her family and ensure that the financial needs to continue to support her family are met is not an uncommon fact within the African American community.  In 2010, the US Census data revealed that 68% of African American families consisted of single-parent mothers than married homes with both parents. In 2011 it was reported that 72% of black babies were born to unwed mothers.  While we are aware of the various challenges that often plague our culture and our communities, it is not withstanding that women are the back-bone of the family. Women have had to be strong, resilient, silence their tears and smile during the most challenging of circumstances. African American women are for this reason alone, the bravest women on the planet.

I am aware that women have supported the careers of the men that stand next to them for decades, but these women have done so without complaint and have ensured that the home life was well organized and kept clean to ensure the continued productivity of their family.  As this is Women’s History Month, I acknowledge the women who have raised children alone, the women who have sacrificed to ensure that their children can have a better life, the women who have given more from themselves than they have received from others, the women who suffer in silence and still wear a smile, the women who continue to rise above the daily challenges of systemic policies and processes that do not consider their worth and value; to these women and women across this world, I applaud you.

You are not just amazing, you are the hope that so many countless women depend upon just to keep moving forward in a world that attempts to marginalize the greatness of women every day.  To all the women that read this article, I encourage you to continue to be fearless, authentic, phenomenal, talented, and wise triumphant trailblazers creating new pathways for others to follow behind. You are worthy, and you are amazing.Womanpreneurs

Darlene Brown

Speaker, Author & Business Leadership Coach

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