Yay or Nay for PDA?

Yay or Nay for PDA?

I’m back, it’s Millie with Millie in the City with the number one dating and relationship forum in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  Now that we have gotten that out the way, I want to discuss Public Displays of Affection.  So in honor of that, this article is appropriately titled: Yay or Nay for PDA?

I would like to think that we all have indulged in a bit of public displays of affection at some point. So my question is how much is too much and when and where does it cross the line? Public displays of affection is common, and almost inevitable.

I know, I know, it is in most cases quite difficult for two hot and heavy lovers to keep their hands off each other.  But what about the people that are around them?  Out of curiosity, do you have an awesome or an annoying experience with public display of affection? Me, myself, I am on both sides of the fence on this one.

So, let us get right down to it, what is public display of affection, affectionately known as PDA?  Public display of affection or PDA as they are called, is the act of two people indulging in an intimate act in public.  Examples: a couple kissing or holding hands, pretty much anything that displays affection between two people. But when the term “public display of affection”, it is usually considered to be an act that is rather physical in nature.  No one really knows what people thought of PDA in the old days or if it happened that often but today, public display of affection is something that most couples indulge in, at least in the beginning of their days of physical exploration and discovery.

I often wondered why couples indulge in public display of affection.  Why would these people indulge in a session of wild making out in front of others when they can find a room or a backseat in some isolated parking lot? I supposes the correct answer would be that they have their own individual reasons when I analyzed it and spoke with people and the common reasons you’ll find that most young lovers indulge in public display of affection because they find it exciting and it turns them on a lot more than the regular kiss in solitary confinement.

Now days it seems like it is hard to figure what you want to watch, your long awaited chick flick or the live public display of affection romp in the front row.

Does anyone or can anyone hate PDA? Well of course, they can definitely hate it. A person who thinks public display of affection is sweet can also hate it, and hate it real bad. Honestly, I think  PDA is extremely subjective and relative.  If you are watching a movie, and a bit of love and action in the front row, only to find out that it’s your boyfriend with the girl you hate, you will definitely detest public display of affection. If you’re taking a walk in the park and find your daughter kissing a guy in the romantic setting of the potted plants, you would definitely hate PDA.  Well, you’re probably going to kill the guy and go to jail too, which will make your spouse or significant other hate public displays of affection. So you see, there can be several reasons to hate this show of love in public.

If you are the one that is totally here for PDA, may I make a suggestion, if you really want to indulge in PDA, then make sure you do not make anyone around you feel uncomfortable. Grinding and groping may be good in clubs, and kissing might be acceptable at airports and friends’ places. But in parks, where children and families are, I might suggest holding hands and maybe a small kiss on the lips. Nothing more than that.

Grant it, there is a lot more to public displays of affection than just a couple making out for attention. I just wanted to warn up the conversation.

So what say YOU, Yay or Nay to PDA?

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